Infinity 26 S.E.E.R Air Conditioning And 24 S.E.E.R Carrier Heat Pump Explained

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If you’re looking for an energy-efficient HVAC system, these latest releases from Carrier for air conditioning and heating are just what you need. Earlier this year, Carrier unveiled two new residential HVAC systems. They are the Infinity 26 S.E.E.R Air Conditioner and Infinity 24 S.E.E.R Heat Pump. Both of these systems feature the manufacturer’s Greenspeed intelligence function, which allows you to adjust and control the system at even the most minute levels so that you can enjoy precise comfort.

Another advantage of these systems is that they work in a quiet manner. The cooling system lowers the temperature of your home with minimum noise while the heat pump of the same generation cools or heats your house as applicable.

So if you’re interested in acquiring the quietest HVAC units with the highest efficiency for your heating or cooling needs, these are the perfect products. The benefit of these units is that they have a variable compressor, so their system is extra efficient in the consumption of electricity. These units are also as quiet as fifty-one decibels, which is said to be quieter than the sound of most conversations.

The Greenspeed intelligence used in these HVAC systems is created by pairing adaptable-speed technology with the Infinity® System Control. The unique, variable-speed compressor of this unit allows it to adapt its output to the needs of your home literally. With infinite adjustments between 25% and 100% capacity, it gives your home only the amount of cooling necessary. Moreover, if you use these appliances with Infinity Control, you can take maximum advantage of their features.

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In case you’d like to consider other HVAC options, some alternative you can look at are the 24VNA0 models, which are also infinity models, but 20.0 S.E.E.R. The 24ANB1 products are 21 S.E.E.R Infinity Air Conditioners. Infinity products have S.E.E.R rating from 17 S.E.E.R to 26 S.E.E.R all of these can be an alternative to the 26 S.E.E.R model.

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