• When is the best time to tune up your furnace?
  • What you can do to protect you and your family against Covid-19?
  • What to do if you saw a water leaking inside your furnace?
  • How HVAC equipment increases the value of your home?
  • Why do you need to install a secondary source of heat in your home?

The best time to tune up your furnace is at the end of the second year and each year after the new furnace is installed. Tunning the furnace at the beginning or at the end of the heating season helps to get better performance and reduce the breakdown on extremely cold and hot days.

You can protect your loved ones against Covid – 19 by installing an ultraviolet light inside the duct. This is the same system hospitals use in ICU units to protect patients with respiratory diseases.

In case of water leaking inside your furnace, shut off your system. Please look for a light like a switch next to your furnace and turn that off. Clean up the water and check your filter to make sure airflow is not interrupted through the filter. Turn on your AC to see if the problem is fixed. If the water was leaking again, call us immediately and repeat previous recommendations.

HVAC equipment is the heart of your homes. Better efficient units such as modulating systems bring efficiency causing a reduction in energy bills, quality air circulation, and comfort to your household. The value of your home increases significantly by installing energy-saving star equipment, and indoor quality products. Contact us to help you get the most effective units tailored to your need.

The second source of heat is a great help when you need heat the most. In the case of a furnace break down in the middle of coldest winter nights the secondary source of heat such as a fireplace, or indoor gas heaters will help you to get through the night or day till our technician arrive and fix or replace your furnace.
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