Privacy Policy

The privacy of Extra Air System Heating & Air Conditioning’s customers, vendors, contractors, employees are greatly important to us and that we take it very seriously. The personal information is kept strictly confidential and is building blocks of our business. We are striving to protect the privacy of personal information set out in our “privacy policy”. Technological advancement, any changes in our network of customers, contractors, and suppliers will not alter our commitment, protecting the personal information. The measure sets out below are referring to how we Protect Personal information under our control, compliant with privacy laws and PIPEDA.

Personal Information:

Personal information is regarded as any identifiable information of a person, which includes a person’s name, home address, age, date of birth, financial information, and social insurance number. This information may be gathered from our website visitors and our customers. We are strictly committed to preserving and protecting the privacy of individuals and the integrity of their personal information.

Purpose of Collecting Personal Information:

The purpose of collecting personal information is to meet our contractual obligations to our customers, to develop, manage, and improve our services, products, ensuring efficient and safe operation. We may ask your feedback regarding our products, services and our communication with you from time to time. We will obtain your consent before using your personal information for the new purpose.

Disclosure of Personal Information:

In certain situations, we may require disclosing personal information such as third-party service providers where agreed handling personal information according to our strict privacy policy, our code of conduct, and in compliance with PIPEDA. We may disclose your personal information to your agent, whom Extra Air Heating & Air Conditioning reasonably believe they are acting on your behalf, to a public authority and its agents, for the purpose of compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Approvals and Consent:

With your consent Extra Air System Heating & Air Conditioning collect, use, or disclose your personal information, except in limited circumstances. The receipt of this privacy policy statement is expressing your agreement regarding use and disclosure of your personal information unless otherwise stated by you in writing to or our privacy policy office, stated in contact information section.
Extra Air System Heating & Airconditioning DOES NOT USE OR DISCLOSE your personal information without your consent to anybody except when required by law or law enforcement purpose and for the purpose of the collection of our debt.

Restricting the Access and Storing your Information:

The information is protected and only is accessible to selected group of individuals whose job functions require them to access that information, which is mandated by our security policy and procedure. According to the nature and sensitivity of information, we may store the personal information in our electronic data base, or email system which are hosted by us. Extra Air System Heating & Air Conditioning restricts, and prohibits unauthorized access, and use of personal and confidential information under its control. Taking all precautions into account, we may be vulnerable to some unprecedented attacks to our network out of our control. We are assuring our customers, employees, contractors and vendors to safeguard the personal information using the latest technology available.

Protecting Your Personal information:

Extra Air System Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to safeguard and protect the personal information of our customers, employees, and contractors against unauthorize disclosure, copy, use, modification, loss, and theft, always. We require other organizations that we work with to use same level of scrutiny when dealing with your personal information. Only our authorized employees require to provide service, have limited access to the personal information.

Third Party Service Provider:

Our third-party service providers are suppliers, contractors, and service providers that use your personal information from time to time assisting us to maintain and develop our relationship with you. We DO NOT trade or sell your information to any organization. Confidentiality agreement between us and our third-party providers prohibits unauthorized use, collection, and disclosure of personal information.

Visiting our Website:

When you voluntarily complete an online application, or a request form, your personal information is collected, including personally unidentifiable IP address, internet browser, and domain name. We are using this information to better be serving you and responding to your request. We may be storing “cookies”, on your computer when you visit our website. You don’t need to worry. We are not using them to collect any personal information.

Privacy Policy Contact Information:

Please write us your questions about changing the way we use your personal information, your complaints about our privacy policy, our statements, and the manner we handled your personal information to:

Extra Air System Heating & Air Conditioning
Privacy Officer
1271 Underwood Drive
Mississauga, ON L4W 3M9

Changes to our Private Policy:

We are reserving the right to change this privacy policy. Any changes are effective immediately and is posted on our website. We encourage you to visit our privacy policy page for being informed about recent changes and updates.